May 22, 2017

By: Elle Galbut Bienenfeld, RN

Cell Phones and Toothbrushes

Jamie Turner from 60-second marketing spent 3 months investigating the rumors surrounding personal cell phone ownership. Her findings confirm the fact that indeed, we are currently living in a time where more people own cell phones than toothbrushes.

After reading this study, I immediately thought about my patients and their families.  As a nurse, I have spent countless hours with clients who wish that they had a better relationship with their children and grandchildren. In my personal life, as a mother, I am always searching for ways to enhance the communication between my children and their grandparents and great grandparents.

Great Opportunity

Technology provides a fabulous opportunity for our children to reap the benefits of a strong relationship with their Bubby and Zaide, Grammy and Grandy, Nana and Papa or any other word of endearment.  

And let’s be truthful when we set up a Skype or FaceTime session because it is the “right thing to do”, do we fully appreciate that the relationship has benefits for both the Bubby and the children.

Did You Know?

The research shows that children who socialize with their grandparents display more kindness and have less anxiety and depression. In addition, a strong rapport with Grandpa can boost a child’s performance in school, raise their self-esteem and have stronger bonds with their friends.

And vice versa:

  • Grandparents emotionally connected with their grandchildren have been documented to have less depression and more robust psychological health.
  • Women who devote time to talking and creating relationships with their grandchildren have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders.

Beauty of Grandparenting

Grandparents are one step removed from the day-to-day child juggling and they view our kids with fresh eyes and unwavering focus. A grandparent’s love is typically more fun and usually less critical than a message imparted from a parent. And even if a child wants to vent about her/his parent, that’s ok too!

Get Started Today

Let’s take advantage of the progressive time that we live in. Set aside a designated ten minutes per kid a week to hold a Facetime session with Grandparents and/or Great Grandparents. To help Granny get started, check out this informative video from granny tech:


Elle Bienenfeld and her husband Jamie are the proud parents of six children. Elle is a graduate of Columbia University School of Nursing and an administrator at Family First Home Health Care, a consumer-directed private care nurse registry based in Miami Beach. Family First understands that there is nothing more important than caring for those you love. We are dedicated to referring only those caregivers who we ourselves would hire for our own parent or grandparent. Call us today. 786.577.5555 or check out our website