The inspiration for launching our company was borne in the personal experience of two sisters caring for our grandmother.  

To us, our Grandmother, who we referred to lovingly as Bubby, was the kindest and wisest woman we ever knew. Bubby was the matriarch of our family, guiding us with boundless love, sagacious words and courageous action. And she always looked great, dressing with the southern elegance that she imbued.

But then it happened.  Old age brought with it the regular assortment of ailments that plague mind and body.  The person we knew as our anchor of strength grew victimized by frailty.  We were posed then with the question familiar to all progeny of elderly parents: how do we preserve the dignity of a life amidst a rapidly undignifying process?  How can we maintain Bubby's sense of independence where dependency is her required reality?  And while the incredibly dedicated members of our family were prepared to sacrifice all and avail of themselves personally to provide around the clock care, we quickly recognized that proper care was beyond the scope of family.  We needed professional caretakers.

Through Bubby's 7 years of living with various caretakers, we saw first hand the difference in her life when assisted by great help as opposed to when assisted by slightly indifferent help.  We have since made it our mission to provide others with aides who are absolutely par excellence.  After years of advocating on behalf of our own grandmother, we have unique methods in finding the best caretakers and in instructing the best to perform at their best. This includes background checks, rigorous interviews, and our own personal involvement with each client.

Let us fulfill our mission and take care of your loved one.